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April 9, 2020

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Dr. Henry Blackaby • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
Joseph of Arimathea is not one of the better known characters in the Bible, but maybe he should be. His is one of the few stories mentioned in all four Gospels (Matt. 27:57-61; Mark 15:42-47; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:38-42). That cannot be said for Zacchaeus, the woman at the well or the Good Samaritan. Even Peter's famous confession, "Thou art the Christ!" does not receive the same degree of coverage. Clearly the Gospel writers all recognized something significant about Joseph's action. What Joseph did was not miraculous or headline news. He simply took Jesus' body and placed it in his own newly constructed tomb.

Os Hillman • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one: I in them and you in me. (John 17:22-23).

We have heard a lot about the 10/40 window of unreached people groups over the last ten years. These people represent those who have never heard the gospel. However, the "9 to 5 window", where the majority of people spend the majority of their time, also has a large number of unreached people who have the power to impact the entire world for Jesus Christ once they make a commitment to Him and begin to walk in their destiny. Today, we are seeing a move of God among men and women in the 9 to 5 Window, the place where real societal change can take place because of the strategic position many of these believers hold in society. I believe equipping and commissioning this group is key to city and nation transformation.

Dr .Peter Wagner • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
Social transformation, as I have been saying, is one of the strongest words that the Holy Spirit is clearly speaking to the churches today. But before many of us would be prepared to accept that statement at face value, we would need to be assured that what we think we might be hearing from the Holy Spirit is truly biblical. We are sure, for example, that saving souls is biblical, but how about transforming society?

I know this is a crucial question, because for years I would have said that working toward social change should not be considered a part of our Christian duty. I was taught that the world was supposed to get worse and worse, and the more it did, the closer Christ's second coming would be. I believed that at some low point in history, all true believers would be snatched out of the earth and that those left behind would go through seven of the worst years of all, just prior to the Lord's glorious appearing. Meanwhile, our job was to spread the gospel and get as many
Morris Ruddick • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
In a time marked by instability and need, the Lord is raising up Kingdom movers and shakers to assume strategic roles of relevance in the world's infrastructures of business and government.

Jesse James • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
He is a deputy in the Ukrainian Parliament. In a discussion with him and another Parliamentarian on October 8, 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine he made the following comment.

"Yesterday, I realized something for the first time in my life. I realized that the reason Capitalism works in the West is because God is the cornerstone of it; Communism did not work because God was taken out of it."

As we sat in that small group discussion with two Ukrainian Parliament members we were witnessing a collision of worldviews. In geological terms the shifting of tectonic plates is called an earthquake; in philosophical and theological terms it is called a paradigm shift.

Eric Swanson • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
A small cloud is on the horizon. The winds of change are beginning to gather strength and with certainty a storm is coming.change is coming. All over our world there is a quiet movement of the Spirit of God that is causing believers to re-examine how they "do church." Churches are throwing out the old measures of success. It's no longer merely about size, seeker sensitivity, spiritual gifts, church health, nor the number of small groups. It's about making a significant and sustainable difference in the lives of people around us-in our communities and in our cities.

Os Hillman • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
Can a city be truly transformed for Jesus Christ? Does it seem like such a lofty goal that few will ever attain it? Well the reality is that today there are no fewer than 200 cities across the world that are in some form of transformation, according to Alistair Petrie, who spoke at the 2004 International Coalition of Workplace Ministries (ICWM) Workplace Transformation Summit. Petrie cited these cities as having a level of transformation in every aspect of their public, governmental and business life.

INGER J. LOGELIN • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
When the terms "city reaching" and "prayer evangelism" are used, Resistencia, Argentina is often mentioned...
Dr .Peter Wagner • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
Why did Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, leave heaven and come to earth? At first this may seem like a trivial question because all of us believers are supposed to know the answer. But let's think about it for a moment.
Os Hillman • Workplace, City & Nation Transformation
The following is a feature article from the Jan-Feb 2004 issue of Business Reform magazine. The article describes the growing faith at work movement nationally and internationally.

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