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April 9, 2020

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Os Hillman • Selling Biblically
Is planning biblical? I believe it is. The Bible encourages us to write down our visions and plans. However, all plans must be submitted to the Lord continually for new direction and clarity. Today things change rapidly and it is very difficult to develop plans much farther out than five years. And even that is questionable. Technology is changing so fast that a five-year plan will be obsolete in six months. My suggestion: write your plans in "pencil."

Michael Pink • Selling Biblically
Have you ever heard the joke, "How do you know when a salesman is lying? His lips are moving!" That joke is a biting commentary on the state of affairs in American business today, especially the sales profession. Without doubt, the profession has earned the reputation it has, but it need not be true of everyone in it. In fact, I am convinced that an honest man has an advantage in an environment permeated with liars. Liars are eventually found out and have a difficult time regaining trust, and trust is the highest form of human motivation, at least when it comes to business. The only way a liar can survive long term in the business arena is to move from one city to the next or change industries every couple of years.

Michael Pink • Selling Biblically
When we first enter the world of commerce, we're told how to conform and we're expected to do so. I began my sales career having no clue there were two systems based on two very different worldviews with two entirely different outcomes. I was told my mission was to work in the marketplace so I could fund the work of the kingdom. If possible I was to very discreetly share the gospel with coworkers and lead them to Christ. It was understood that we were to submit to the tyranny of the system without succumbing to its values.
Michael Pink • Selling Biblically
Where do we go to find the "four cornerstones" of sales success? I believe the Bible has all the answers we need because selling is a battle for the hearts and minds of individuals, and the Bible is full of models for winning battles. For example, conventional wisdom believes that "selling is about telling," but I believe the sale is made based on what the customer has to say, not on what the sales rep has to say. Therefore, it's important to develop the skill set of asking strategic, purposeful questions. You can learn from Pharaoh (the world's system), or you can learn from Moses, who outmaneuvered Pharaoh and his army without drawing a sword by simply listening to and obeying God.

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