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April 8, 2020

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Word In Life Bible Study • Theology of Work
He views your work as having not only dignity, but purpose and direction as well. He wants you to accomplish meaningful tasks as you labor with a godly work ethic.
Theology of Work
Consider what the Bible says about work and laziness and how it can lead to poverty.
Theology of Work
One of the most stubborn myths in Western culture is that God imposed work as a curse to punish Adam and Eve's sin. As a result, some people view work as something evil. Scripture does not support that idea:
Word In Life Bible Study • Theology of Work
Consider the many kinds of work that God did in forming the world: artist, designer, strategic planner, organizer, project developer, assessor, zoologist, biologist, chemist, linguist, programmer, materials specialist, engineer, and waste management techn
Theology of Work
When it came to sacrifices, offerings, and the payment of vows, God required that the Israelites bring their best animals and goods to Him. What does this mean for you and I?
Word In Life Bible Study • Theology of Work
A survey of scriptural references to work in the Bible.
Pete Hammond • Theology of Work
There is a need to fill every aspect of our lives with faith.

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