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January 21, 2020

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Os Hillman • Work As Ministry
As believers begin to express the life of Christ in their work lives, they need to be aware of another set of Satan's deceptions, namely, the religious spirit and spiritual strongholds. Though this is a new concept in the Faith at Work category, we need to be aware of them so we are not hindered from walking in power and freedom in our workplace calling.
Mike and Sue Dowgiewicz • Work As Ministry
Compare these two ways of living out your faith and see if you are Hebraic or Greek.
Os Hillman • Work As Ministry
This article answers the question, "Is evangelism a fruit or a goal of workplace ministry?"
Mike McLoughlin • Work As Ministry
What does it mean to restore God's economy? Mike McLoughlin explains what it means to transform our work.
Alistiar Mackenzie • Work As Ministry
This is a chapter from Alistair Mackenzie's book, "Where's God On Monday" on how to support Christians in the workplace.
Os Hillman • Work As Ministry
Are there modern-day apostles today? Are there apostles in the marketplace? This articles tackles this topic.
Os Hillman • Work As Ministry
How do you receive from God? What are the requirements to receive all that God has for you? Can you receive something God never intended you to receive out of striving and manipulation? This article answers such questions.
Pete Hammond • Work As Ministry
The terminology we use often limits our audience. Is workplace ministry an accurate way of describing faith at work? Pioneer Pete Hammond ways in on this topic. Great for workplace ministry leaders.
Os Hillman • Work As Ministry
What does Moses' staff have to do with my work? This article describes God call to Moses and God's intention to perform miracles through His Staff.
Chuck Colson • Work As Ministry
Christians have a special reason to celebrate Labor Day, which honors the fundamental dignity of workers, for we worship a God who labored to make the world-and who created human beings in His image to be workers. When God made Adam and Eve, He gave them

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