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December 12, 2019

A Job To Do

Word In Life Bible Study • Work As Ministry
A new look at absentee ownership.

The parable recorded in Luke 19:12-27 describes a case of absentee ownership and on-site management. Actually, it reflected the government in Palestine, in which Rome "owned" the region but left it in the hands of local governors, such as the infamous Herods (see Acts 12:1-2).

The reason that Jesus told this story is given in v. 11: the kingdom of God would be delayed, and He wanted His followers to know some of the implications of that delay. Chief among them is that we as believers have a job to do. We've been given resources to manage until the Lord returns (Luke 19:13). These include our skills, jobs, time, wealth, mental capacities, physical bodies, and so on. Eventually we will give a full accounting for how we have used these (19:15).

Jesus delivered this lesson in the form of a parable and was obviously talking about more than the management of money. Yet it's clear that He expects His followers to live out their everyday, temporal lives with an eye toward His return. He will ask us what we have done with our lives, and reward us accordingly.
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