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December 6, 2019

The Spirit of God in the Workplace?

Word In Life Bible Study • Theology of Work
Do you think of the Holy Spirit as present in your workplace? Do you think that He is even concerned about your work?

As the people of Israel began to build the tabernacle, the Spirit was actively involved with the workers and their project (Ex. 35:31-36:1)-as He was in the Bible's first "construction project," the creation of the world (Gen. 1:2).

The Spirit of God is said to be the source of the many skills and abilities required for the design and construction of the tabernacle-metalwork, jewelry making, carpentry, engraving, weaving, and other related talents. Notice some of the characteristics of these Spirit-driven workers:

. They were men and women (Ex. 35:20-22, 25).

. Their hearts were "willing" or "stirred" (35:5, 21-22, 26), meaning that they were motivated to accomplish the task.

. They were skilled or "gifted" by God to carry out their various assignments (35:10, 25, 34-35; 36:1-2).

. They were generous with their skills, as well as their possessions, in order to get the job done (35:5, 22, 29; 36:3-7), which suggests that they were hard and loyal workers.

. The finished product shows that excellence was a hallmark of their work.

We see that the Spirit gives talents, and also character. How can you demonstrate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your workplace (Gal. 5:16-26)? Carefully consider your character, relationships, skills, and productivity in light of these qualities (for help with this, see "Work World Codes" at Col. 3:22-4:1). The same Spirit who was available to the ancient Israelite workers is ready to help you carry out your work to the the glory of God!

Study notes from the Word In Life Study Bible, copyright 1993,1996, by Thomas Nelson, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission. The study notes from the Word In Life Study Bible appearing at this web site are for personal use only.
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