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April 9, 2020

Why is there an increasing interest in faith at work at this time?

Os Hillman • The Faith at Work Movement
Os Hillman cites 7 reasons he believes there is a growing interest in faith at work.


"I do not believe there is just one reason that there is an increase in spirituality in the workplace. Following are several factors.


  1. Lack of Purpose - People are dissatisfied in their jobs and are looking to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Spend 60% to 70% of their lives at work. Wall Street Journal survey revealed an 80% dissatisfaction rate in their jobs and 50% among execs.
    1. 50% among Christians - Doug Sherman, Your Work Matters to God


Many find no fulfillment in their work today. Money and things ultimately don't satisfy. Aging baby-boomers seeking answers. God has given every person a God-shaped vacuum in their lives that can only be filled by having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


2.  It's good business to provide a favorable corporate culture, according to Workforce Management - Oct 2004


  "We're particularly trying to make sure people feel that they don't have to leave their faith or personal beliefs at the door when they show up for work in the morning," says Daniel Dunnigan, a finance manager at Ford and chairman of the Interfaith Network. "The company acknowledges that is part of who they are."


     "Many say that the faith-based employee resource groups complement their workforce-diversity goals and contribute to the bottom line through employee recruitment, development and retention."


3. Social Trends Have Changed Corporate Climate Making it More Acceptable

"Much of the increased interest in religion in the workplace reflects a convergence of social trends. A 2004 Gallup survey shows that 90 percent of American adults believe in God and 59 percent say religion is "very important" in their lives.


More time At Work

And as employees spend more time at the office, they feel more entitled to personal expression."  - Workforce Management magazine, Oct. '04

 38% = born again according to George Barna research 2004.

         USA Today survey found people spend 30 days longer at work than 10 yrs ago.



4. More Open/Vocal Generation - OK to Express Opinions, Feelings and Beliefs.

This generation is more open to discussing their personal and faith lives than our parent's generation, which were more private. President Bush's public proclamation of his faith has encouraged others to be more public about theirs. Introduction of faith-based initiatives makes faith part of solution to societal ills.

Gallup Poll: 50 % people discussed spiritual issues in last 24 hours.



5. Ethics Failures Ushering In New Acceptance of Faith Based Initiatives

"Recent high-profile corporate scandals are making the rest of corporate America more receptive to efforts perceived as fostering an ethical workplace." - Os Hillman


Ethics in the Workplace (Secular Study)


  • Cheating on expense report - 58%


  • Working a second job on company time - 50%


  • Rushing closed deals through accounting before they were really closed - 36%


  • Listing a "strip bar" as a restaurant on an expense report - 22%


  • Giving a kickback to a customer - 19%

                     -- Sales & Marketing Magazine, Feb. 2001




6. Happier Employees=More Productivity (competitive advantage)

"We know that folks who feel like they can bring their spiritual values to work are happier, are more productive, stay longer and help the company more than people who don't feel like they can bring their values to work. The challenge is finding a way to do that, that still respects the old conventional wisdom of seeing to it that people don't feel pressured or proselytized in any way."


                                                        Workforce Management magazine, Oct. '04



6. Rise of Diversity Departments in Corporate America

Designed to recognize various affinity groups in a corporation - blacks, Muslims, homosexuals, Christians - allowing groups to operate within defined parameters. Company funding of events. Use of facility space.


Public Companies or Govt Institutions That Have Launched Faith-based Groups in last 5 Years


         Steve Hyland, Coca-Cola Christian Fellowship, began 2002 -  (404) 676-4761 - Atlanta

         Mike Vallesky, Sears Christian Fellowship, Chicago, (847) 286-0152 (office phone)

         Angie Tracey, Centers for Disease Control, 2001, 404. 498 , 6037

         Rob Gould, Christian Fellowship of AOL, GouldTV@aol.com

         Texas instruments, American Airlines, Toyota


7.  Company Alignment with a Perception of Being a Good Corporate Community Supporter 

         Intel's Bible-Based Christian Group received company funding to attend the 2004 Christian Games Developers Conference, where Christians who develop computer games discuss the industry and pray for God to bless it.


         Sears has its own choir and funded a CD project.


         American Airlines -To support American's objective of community involvement, the Christian Employee Resource Group coordinated a program that collected and shipped 729 contemporary Christian music CDs to U.S. troops in Iraq.


         Coca-Cola in Charlotte pays employees to "volunteer" time at local nursing home as community service project."
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