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July 22, 2018

Testimony - Jan Hawkins

Read about this amazing testimony of God's faithfulness in the midst of our uttermost trials.
In my role as Branch Director for a Fortune 50 company, I had the opportunity to serve a team of seven managers who directly reported to me with a total workgroup of 100 individuals. This was an awesome opportunity that the Lord entrusted to me; therefore, I took my work for Him very serious. I worked in a highly competitive industry and knew I couldn't win or for that matter survive without the Lord at the helm. I reported directly to the President of our region, who wasn't a believer. I knew biblically in order for God to bless me I had to submit to the authority of our President. This was difficult at times due to the types of decisions that were being made. I finally took a stand and told the Lord I would be obedient in this area. This was the beginning of great miracles the company experienced. He honored my obedience to His word. As our overall industry and the marketplace became more competitive I pressed in harder in prayer continually asking God for guidance and direction. It was amazing to me the power in praying scripture daily and surrendering the needs of the business to God. I put the business on the alter and asked God to be in charge, I would be his servant undercover as a Branch Director. Within just a few months of praying the attached "salvation scriptures"
I began to see the Lord working mightily. People were getting saved... really saved! Over a two-year period we had over 50 Christians in our company serving God. Along with praying for the employee's salvation I prayed for their protection (Psalm 91), wisdom, guidance and direction in doing their work. As a result we had many "best practices" from the teams in Minneapolis. I know this was God working thru them, which ultimately blessed our business. In addition, I prayed continually the prosperity of our business overall. I prayed that costs would be reduced and profits would increase. I prayed for favor on our market share position. God was clearly in charge of all areas of the business. I recall so many times not knowing what direction to take on major business decisions. I would go to my office, close the door and ask God to give me wisdom. I would continually claim the verse in scripture ".But we have the mind of Christ." (1 Cor 2-16b) Within a very short period of time we experienced business results that only God could have produced. Our revenues increased and we continued to see a reduction in costs. God was always so faithful in His infinite wisdom to lead, guide and direct me.
I often wanted to stand up in the room and say, "God just gave me a great solution to this problem or opportunity." Doing this would have put my job in jeopardy; therefore I would always thank Him personally for all He was doing. When leaders are praying and working on God's behalf it is important that you are "binding the enemy - devil" from your business. Whenever you are being effective for God just know you will have interference from the devil. We have power over the adversary and need to claim this in Jesus name. God can and will protect you from the thwarts of the devil if we are walking an obedient life. Also, remember to honor God in giving as He blesses your business, which ultimately blesses you. I could go on for days with testimonies on how God was faithful to the business and me. Because God was so effective in the business the enemy was also very real and tried many times to thwart God's perfect plans. Don't give up and continue to stand on the word of God. As you know, God is looking for leaders who will surrender their lives and businesses to Him. He is a great leader and just waiting to be our business partner. Let him in - you won't be disappointed.

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Surrender life & business to God

Thank you Jan for your sharing, as one who truly experiences the Faithfulness of God. So real is HE in one who fully obeys Him, and acknowledges His Sovereignty in all areas of life and business. I am seeking the Lord in miracles & breakthroughs in my personal life and business. Your sharing allows me to realise there is so much I need to learn in my daily walk with the Lord, as my life and business partner. Thank you so much. I believe many like myself, am blessed because of your sharing.

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