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April 8, 2020

Creating A Strategic Prayer Plan

Janice L. Christie • Prayer
How do you pray on purpose? How do you pray strategically for people, causes and events? This strategic prayer plan offers some very valuable suggestions for implementing prayer into every part of your life.
Categories include, but are not limited to the following: Relationship with God: Prayers of thanksgiving, praise, His rhema words to you.
Vision: Describe how the world will be different and His Kingdom enlarged when the vision He has given you becomes a reality. Under gird the vision with scripture-based prayers.
Mission: State both your calling and your current work mission, each in a single sentence. Write supporting scriptures as prayers. Accept His invitation to work by the power of His Spirit, rather than in your own might, in carrying out the mission.
Spiritual Gifts. Identify the ways you most frequently see God working through them. Write scripture-based prayers to cover their use.
Natural Gifting: Write scripture-based prayers of consecration for each.
Life Verses: Record verses on which God consistently focuses your attention. Explore the fullness of their meaning in scripture, their relationship to His Vision and Your Mission. Write scripture-based prayers.
 Wisdom: Uncover and claim His promises for Wisdom, and write prayers of your need for and willingness to receive from His vast storehouse of wisdom for believers.
Harmony and Unity: Assign scriptural prayers to all relationships.
Protection: Invite His protection of the work He has given you. Affirm His promises of refuge and protection.
Deliverance: Include prayers and praise for His continuous deliverance.
Crisis: Uncover scriptures that strengthen you in times of crisis or challenge.
Personal Requests: Journal your on-going petitions. Keep them scripture-based. Record answers and your thanksgiving for them.
Songs: Include songs and move in and out of prayer and praise during time with the Lord.

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