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April 8, 2020

Take 5

Os Hillman • Prayer
Read about the "Take 5" Meeting at CARDONE Industries, and how it has impacted more than 4000 employees in a non-proselytizing approach to instilling core company values and beliefs.
The first order of business each morning at CARDONE Industries is a "Take 5" meeting. Small groups of employees gather throughout the factories, warehouses and offices for this 5-minute meeting, which is led by the department leader. During the first part of the meeting, corporate announcements are communicated, and an educational/motivational thought for the day is shared which usually supports other organizational development strategies, which are being concurrently promoted in the business. After this the leader announces, "You are not required to remain for this portion of the meeting". The leader then proceeds to read a verse from the Bible, which supports the theme of the day. (The identical material is shared simultaneously with all 4000 employees). The meeting concludes with the leader asking the Factory Family members if they have any needs for which they would like prayer; and then the meeting is closed with a short prayer. This time used to be called a "devotional time", says Paul Spuler, V.P. Spiritual Life. "While the name has been changed, the same objectives are being achieved, which are to strengthen teams and to start each day positively by reinforcing the CARDONE culture and values." To ensure employees do not feel coercion to participate in the Bible reading and prayer, the company adopted this new way of handling these meetings. The opt-in element still provides opportunity for CARDONE to reflect their Christian values and philosophy without imposing them on those who do not wish to participate.
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