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April 8, 2020

Sharing Christ in the Marketplace

Kent Humphreys • Work As Ministry
Here are twelve ways to share Christ in the marketplace.

Twelve Ways to Be a Light

1. Establish written Biblical values to be a priority in your firm.

2. Send the children of your employees to Christian summer camps.

3. Have a company chaplain (Marketplace Ministries). Have a prayer at company banquets.

4. Send employees and their spouses to a weekend family life or marriage seminar.

5. Use special seasons such as the New Year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to send letters to suppliers, customers, employees, and competitors with a tactful Gospel message. (samples: www.lifestyleimpact.org)

6. Give away "One Year Bibles" or a current modern Bible paraphrase such as "The Message". You will find that over fifty percent of your employees will respond by taking a Bible..

7. Share your heart through a monthly employee letter; explain your views on a current topic or personal challenge that you are facing. Spouses will read it eagerly. Make it Biblically based or share a verse, but do not preach or sound "religious". (samples: www.lifestyleimpact.org)

8. Offer a free choice from a group of children's devotional books to your employees that are parents or grandparents. They will read these to their children even though they may not take them to church.

9. Lead a small group of your employees in a study of Judeo Christian values.

10. Share your values with key suppliers. Pay them on time so that you will have a testimony to them.

11. Examine your overtime hours and travel schedules to make sure that your family remains a priority regardless of competitive pressures.

12. Join a weekly group of fellow CEOs or business associates for encouragement and accountability. (http://www.fcci.org/)


Recommended Resource
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This book is not simply about evangelism, but about allowing Christ to work through us to affect those around us. If you struggle with how to share your faith in daily life, this book will help you. Learn from real life stories and then see how God will use you in your daily life to share the love of God.

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Kent ,,, these are awesome ideas.

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