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November 13, 2019

Do You Operate from Hebraic Foundations or Greek?

Mike and Sue Dowgiewicz • Work As Ministry
Compare these two ways of living out your faith and see if you are Hebraic or Greek.

HEBRAIC                                                 GREEK

Active - appeals to the heart                        Cognitive - appeals to the intellect


Process Oriented                                         Program Oriented

. Emphasizes direct participation                                . Heavy program emphasis

. Emphasizes age and wisdom                                    . Emphasizes education

  Role modeling, mentoring,                                       . Relies on speaking skills,

  and discipleship indispensible                                     oratory, programmed materials,

. Leadership by personal example                                information conveyance

. Character of leaders essential                                   . Leader's personal life less essential

. Personal relationships essential                                 . Personal relationships optional



Biblical Application                                    Biblical Application

. Doers of the Word                                                   . Belief without cost to self

. Bible -- reality that must be                                      . Bible -- data that must be taught

   confronted                                                               . Focus on rules -- do's and don'ts

. Goal -- develop Christlikeness                                 . Emphasizes distinct denominations



Ministry Activity                                          Ministry Activity

. Small intimate groups                                               . Large impersonal groups

. Leader as facilitator                                                  . Leader-directed and controlled

. Cooperative, participatory                                        . Organizational roles important

   planning                                                                   . Acquisition of knowledge

. Spiritual gifts shared                                                                         emphasized

. Frequent scheduled and                                           . Reliance on scheduled gatherings

  unscheduled gatherings


Fruit                                                           Fruit

. Love, acceptance, forgiveness                                  . Mutual toleration

. Transparency encouraged                                         . Tranparency discouraged

. Active participation                                                  . Passivity and lethargy

. "How you serve" vital                                              . "What you know" vital

. Each believer trained to serve                                  . Trained professionals utilized

. Produces mature believers                                        . Produces spectators




Source: Restoring the Early Church, Mike and Sue Dowgiewicz, Aslan Group Publishing



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