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April 9, 2020

Community of Love

Danny Wallace • Family
"Do to others as you would have them do to you." -Luke 6:31

The enemy is the very author and father of all lies. His lies are based upon brief moments of reality in each of our lives. Nevertheless, like all lies with no foundation to support them, his moments of reality vaporize in the light of God's eternal truth.

Satan's greatest lie comes to distort the simplistic truth of that which Jesus declared to be the sum total of both the Law and the Prophets. Luke 6:31 paraphrased says, "Simply treat others the way you would like to be treated." Within this wisdom there is but one community - the community of self-respect, respect for others, and an outpouring of His supernatural love, which is indeed, the sum total of all that is true and holy.

We stand today in the center of a great storm of controversy. It is the controversy surrounding homosexuality and the church. Circling around us is a wind of dust and chaotic debris, swept into the air from Satan's kingdom of flesh and blood warfare regarding this particular argument. This battlefield has been his since the beginning and it will be his to occupy until he receives the Revelation prophecy of his eternal destiny.

Only the subjects change. The outcome is always the same. Anointed vessels of the Father's great love, hope, and healing are duped into participating in the arguments and divisions which have been Satan's guns, tanks, and artillery within the bloody judgment and separation of this fleshy battlefield. Across the ages, men and women of great destiny in the Father's Kingdom have fallen prey to these weapons. As for the children of God, this deceptive kingdom of lies and divisions was never ours to occupy. We were always destined to command Satan to deal with us on the principalities and powers battlefield that is ours by divine inheritance. We have relinquished our battlefield, thus...the stronghold stands mighty before us.

The current subject of division and destruction comes in what most people who are caught in the fray of the battle define as: "irreconcilable differences between two distinct communities - one gay, one straight." The very acceptance of a definition that divides Heaven's treasure into separate communities is the foundation upon which the enemy has escalated the argument and perfected the lie. There is but one community. It sits high upon a great mountain of love and hope - encircling the healing cul-de-sac of John 6:31.

The truth is; there is no Christian community, any more than there is a gay community. There are hearts that are free and there are hearts that are bound. Even if I were to stipulate for a moment that two such communities do exist completely separate of one another, I would be forced to acknowledge that many battling the deception of homosexuality live within the Christian community, and many Christians who battle all kinds of issues live within the homosexual community, and any number of other communities we isolate as being "sinful" and away from the heart of God.

From the very posture of His body and from the righteous content of His heart upon the cross, Jesus was saying, "I was never here for me. I am here for you." Often that which we define as Christian is simply nothing more than Satan's great cage of religion, operating under a more appropriate title to shield its true mandate from prying eyes. The true definition of Christian is "Christ-like." Christians do not follow a movement - we follow a resurrected God who hung on that cross as our complete sacrifice. His name is Jesus Christ, thus; our rightful name..."Christians." We do not follow the letter of the Law. We follow the One who has fulfilled it. We do not search the scriptures in search of eternal life. We search the scriptures as a roadmap to our Lord's very presence. We were never here for ourselves. We are here for the greatest of the Kingdom whom the enemy has targeted most aggressively. We are not dirt inspectors - we are Heaven's treasure hunters. This does not describe the battle we have chosen.

If there are two communities, there is the "one," that is truly free to understand all I have written above, and the one that is forever bound to a mission of battle that was never for the anointed of God to inhabit. Put simply, "a heart is a heart." Every person needs to matter. Every person is in daily need of love, forgiveness, and abundant mercy. The greatest of men have come to understand that they are indeed, the least. Those whom we declare to be our enemy - showing the greatest war torn scars of battle - are often the greatest. Their true greatness is simply "yet" to be revealed. Satan's attack against them only testifies of how truly rich is their treasure. The very unscarred position of separation and judgment that self-righteousness affords is a glaring spotlight to one's diminished level of spiritual wisdom and stature. We have been duped.

Satan has duped the anointed of God into believing that we must "love" these people (homosexuals) while being careful to bring them the truth. The truth is, "God's love is not divided from His truth." God's love and truth are one and the same. Imagine the joy of the enemy when we swallow his lie that our love is needed as long as we realize homosexuals are not one of us and we must bring them the truth. What is that truth that we speak of? Most will say that it is our responsibility to tell them and every sinner that they are wrong - even though there is no scripture to support God's will or call on any of our lives to do what only the Holy Spirit can do by way of true love and no hidden agenda. Only the Holy Spirit is empowered to carry out the will of the Father's heart of love for "all" of His wondrous creation and bring righteous conviction to the proper places of man's heart. Why were we never commissioned to be the ones to point to sin? For starters...we are all sinful, and most importantly, man cannot see the heart.

It actually goes much further. Not only did the Father not strap us with this ridiculous obligation, He spoke through His Son, Jesus, to say, "I did not come to condemn. I came to set you free." I can sum the current issue of homosexuality up for you in a nutshell. I'm not sure those with a righteous, self-serving agenda will receive it, but "nonetheless," I am happy to shine a light on the truth.

Homosexuality is not about sex. It is always a well planned attack against the anointed of God at a vulnerable and defenseless place in their early childhood to thwart their true destiny of greatness in the Kingdom of God on this earth. The door he always enters is a door that has been left wide open and unguarded by that male authority figure who should be there to speak love, hope, encouragement, and a deep affirmation that is without limit of conditions. Just as you cannot produce one anointed Christian who will trade the call of love to inspect another's sin, you can not produce one homosexual male whose father loved, adored, and treasured his heart. That person does not exist.

Once the door of this stronghold is open, the seed is planted. Once the seed is planted, the enemy is sure to water that seed across a child's puberty development until the tree of deception has grown strong and becomes deeply rooted. Once the leaves of sexual manifestation appear we are confronted with a child who is trapped and needing male affirmation inside of an adult body that is struggling with a sexual manifestation the enemy is using to make sure true affirmation and love never comes. At least not from the very ones who are supposed to have the answer to their freedom. The ones who should be placing anointed hands into the dirt of this stronghold to unearth the root, are too busy picking leaves of sexual manifestation that grow back as quickly as they are gathered. We are not interested in freedom, we are focused on performance.

To those people who are bound by the spirit of religion this manifestation is declared to be offensive and must be shouted down as wrong. We often use the term; "Hate the sin...love the sinner," attributing the quote to Jesus. The quote was made by Gandhi. No where in scripture does Jesus say that this is our call and neither did He declare it to be His mission. One takes away from the other and promotes the ridiculous situation we now face regarding the onslaught of this great stronghold. If hating the sin and loving the sinner has worked so well for us, where are all of the people who have found freedom from this great campaign of dividing love and truth? Show of hand...let's count them and rejoice! The results speak for themselves. We have produced no freedom. We have simply thrown gasoline on a great fire that Satan started and then sent religious hearts in to feverishly fan the flames.

This is the truth. The leaves of sexual manifestation are not offensive to God's anointed. The anointed are not deceived by Satan's illusion. They are far too wise to be pulled into this charade. This manifestation is offensive to a spirit of religion that has always been about itself and has operated under the guise of being the voice of God; One who came not to condemn anyone, but rather...to set them free. The great voice of religion from the flesh and blood battle of this controversy is nothing more than Satan's greatest tool to maintain the stronghold of homosexuality. He cannot maintain the stronghold without the voice of judgment and division from inside this great respectable cage.

It is true that we stand atop 7 mountains of great influence upon this earth. I take no issue with that. What I take issue with is Satan's ability to cloud our eyes from the truth that will finally bring this stronghold to destruction. These valid mountains are but mole hills at the foot of God's great mountain of love and wisdom; "The Mountain of His Eternal Love and Truth."

Satan says this is an issue of right and wrong. It is not. It is an issue where God's healing love has been denied and those with the answer continue to deny it. He says it is a war to preserve the institution of marriage. It is not. The false illusion that Christians ever considered marriage to be a sacred institution was revealed when we surpassed all organized groups in America, including Atheists, in our divorce rate that is three times greater than all other such organized groups. This is the truth. Those whom we war against know it. Satan has made sure of that as we have become pawns in the center of hisflesh and blood battle.

In abandoning our families and failing to realize what we were releasing into young, precious, and anointed lives on the front end of their lives...we now guard with silence of the truth and denial of God's love and affirmation on a battlefield by Satan's own design. How ironic that "we" Christians unknowingly held the door wide open for the enemy to usher in this overwhelming stronghold with our total blindness to what it is all about. Now we have been duped into standing guard over the truth of what this issue is really about and point our finger in judgment in the midst of an argument we ourselves have often created with our judgment, and certainly inflamed by our denial of true love and understanding. I told you that you probably would not like it. Nevertheless, this is the truth.

How do I know? I have forgotten more about homosexuality than those on both sides of this argument are willing to admit. We're not looking for the truth; we're looking for ammunition to win the argument. Until that changes the stronghold will live on and grow mightier still. I have known what it is to be bound in this stronghold and I have known what it is to be free. I am challenged by Satan and well meaning Christians every day to join this battle of "calling a spade a spade." I am reminded daily that we need to speak the truth. Well, to quote my favorite line spoken by Jack Nicholson in A FEW GOOD MEN..."We can't handle the truth."

The truth is...we're on the wrong battlefield. The truth is...at the end of the day, we don't care one ounce for whether a person is free of homosexuality or not. We just want the leaves to fall from the tree and we want to win the argument. We want these people to shut up and get out of our way. They are a pain in the backside of a hidden religious agenda that is all too apparent to both those who are bound, and the one who has bound them. This war is being fought on Satan's battlefield of flesh and blood warfare. Ours will be won in the realm of principalities and powers - where love is our weapon and "truth" is that we finally understand it.

Change battlefields...and then we'll talk strategy.

About Danny Wallace

As a victim of childhood physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his own father, as well as others from the age of five (5) until his childhood marriage at seventeen (17), Danny had already experienced more than any man of multiple decades should ever know.

As a result of the doorway opened in his formative years and the resulting emotional and sexual conflict going on inside this man during his years of puberty, Danny Wallace was destined to spend many years bound in the deception and stronghold of homosexuality, until his deliverance near thirty (30) years of age.

Over the years Danny has been involved in the Christian Music Industry as a label artist for Brentwood Records in the early 1980's, and subsequent years of concert travel where he performed as a solo artist and opened concerts for such artists of the day as, The Imperials, Andrus Blackwood & Co. and others.

You can visit Danny's website and download his testimony free at http://www.dannywallace.org/.


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