The Different Types of Accounting Related Jobs

Out of the millions of college students in the US, about 80% of them will change their major at least once. Many will do it twice, or even three times.

Choosing a career path is very hard to do when you’re that young. This is why it’s so important to choose a degree that offers both flexibility and security.

That’s why so many smart college students will get an accounting degree. At the very least, you can become an accountant, which is always in demand, so there’s your security.

But there are so many accounting related jobs that there is also a ton of variety. With an accounting degree, you won’t be locked into one role.

So what are the different job options for those who graduate with a degree in accounting? Keep reading to find out now?

Tax Accountant

Accountants are most well known for their ability to help individuals and businesses file their tax returns. With an accounting degree, you can work towards becoming a CPA, which records additional licensing beyond your degree.

You can work as a tax preparer without becoming a CPA, and your sole focus will be on tax returns. CPAs have a wider range of skills and expertise and are able to take on higher-level jobs. 

Tax Consultant

You can often find tax consultants alongside tax preparers. Consultants work with individuals and businesses to plan out their taxes for the upcoming year (or many years).

In order to minimize one’s tax burden, special strategies may need to be put into place. Consultants have in-depth knowledge of tax codes, loopholes, and strategies to help their clients keep more of their money. 

Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerks are often entry-level workers working within the accounting department of an organization. They create and maintain financial records, spending most of their workday performing data-entry tasks. They work under other accountants. 


Bookkeepers are those who balance the books for businesses of all sizes. They maintain the ledger, comparing all of the company’s transactions with their bank account to ensure everything is balanced and all dollars are accounted for. 

When considering employee placement scenarios, this is where many college graduates start out. 

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts work alongside managers to help plan projects, scope out the cost, and help set and maintain budgets. They help oversee entire projects to ensure everything moves forward within the dedicated budget. 

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are high-level workers who will investigate the inner workings of a company to determine if they are worth investing in. They are often enlisted by financial organizations such as banks or groups of investors. 


With an accounting degree and lots of experience, you can eventually become a chief financial officer. This is one of the highest positions in any company and is a worthy pursuit, as you’ll oversee the entire financial situation of a company. 

Countless Accounting Related Jobs

There are many other types of accounting related jobs that you can pursue with a degree in accounting. This degree is one of the most valuable and will almost guarantee you a quality job anywhere you go.

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