The One and Only Construction Marketing Guide You’ll Ever Need

Are you struggling to find clients for your new construction company? You’ve hired great talent, you use the best materials, and you have a great portfolio. Why aren’t clients lining up to work with you?

It might be because of your construction marketing strategy (or lack thereof). 

We’re here to help you get your construction business off the ground. Read on to learn a few top tips to help you construct a great marketing plan.

Utilize SEO to Build Authority

If you’re not already using SEO, you’re behind the times. SEO is one of the most effective and affordable ways to generate organic traffic to your website. 

Focus your SEO efforts on content creation. A strong content strategy will make you look like an authority within your niche. Instead of using links pinned to the top of search engine results, you use keywords and quality content to boost your website up the search engine rankings. 

So Why is This so Important?

First, it gives you long-term results for an affordable price. SEO continues working for you long after each individual blog post goes up. As long as people continue engaging with your website, it will maintain its place.

It also helps you generate customer trust. When you post helpful and informative blogs about construction and related topics, you’re going to show that you’re a trusted source within the construction industry. 

SEO is also great for finding local clients or clients who are getting ready to move to your area. By using local keywords, you’ll be able to target your ideal audience. 

Create a User-Friendly Website

While your content will be key on your website, you also need to make sure that the user experience is good all-around. From the homepage to your contact page, it should be easy to navigate your website. 

Have you ever been on a website that was impossible to use? The links were hidden, photos and videos made the loading time too slow, and the contact page didn’t have the information that you needed. 

You left and tried a different website, right?

Always remember the user experience while you’re building your website.

Bonus tip: make sure that the UI is good on mobile devices as well. Many people almost exclusively use their phones to browse the web, so if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, it’s not a good marketing tool. 

Build a Social Media Presence 

As a small business owner who runs a construction company, you may not have considered the importance of a strong social media strategy. Why would you need social media when you provide an essential service? 

Your target audience is spending a lot of time on social media. Remember that millennials are now interested in buying and constructing new homes and businesses. If you want to reach them, you have to meet them where they are.

Learn the basics of Instagram and Facebook marketing.

Construction Marketing Is Harder Than It Looks

Even the best construction company won’t succeed without a strong marketing strategy. Use these tips to improve your construction marketing plan so you can find your ideal clients in 2022.

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