The Ultimate Guide to Building a Cyber Security Career

Cyber security remains a thriving industry, as hundreds of thousands of new jobs are created in this sector. For someone looking to start their own cyber security career, understanding all the right steps to get there is important.

So how do you get your start in cyber security? What are some key things to know before embarking on your own information technology and security career path?

That’s what we’re here to look at today. Read this guide on building a cyber security career to learn more!

Understanding the Different Domains of Cyber Security

Just like how someone labeling themself as a “doctor” doesn’t say that much about their actual work, choosing to be a cyber security specialist means choosing a specific domain. What kind of cyber security work do you want to do?

There are as many as 20 to 30 different cyber security domains that you can choose. They all require different skills, courses, and knowledge. Finding the best fit is crucial if you want to have a fruitful cyber security career. 

The cyber security sector has a wide range of people with different educational backgrounds, so it’s never too late to get started. That said, there are certainly a few specific paths to start out with.

Five Different Routes to Take When Starting in Cyber Security

When starting out in cyber security, there are about five specific routes you can take to build your career. Let’s dive into each of these routes here:

1. Formal Education

A conventional route to cyber security is through a proper college education. There are plenty of colleges offering cyber security and information technology majors nowadays.

Choose a program that’s nationally recognized but also fits your budget or career trajectory. One school might have a more esteemed overall program but another school might have a program that’s better for your needs.

2. Alternate Programs

Those that aren’t interested in formal education or don’t have time often look into alternate programs.

These are specialized training programs meant to fast-track individuals to becoming experts in cyber security. The faster nature of these programs often grabs the attention of those looking to get into the field quickly. 

3. Self-Taught

Whether it’s through books, Google searches, or just old-fashioned practice, there are plenty of ways for someone to teach themselves about cyber and data security. There are more resources on these topics now than ever.

While this might not work for most, it’s a great way to build competency in specific aspects of cyber security. It’s best for these individuals to talk and consult with other professionals to make sure they’re on the right track.

4. Hybrid

There is, of course, a hybrid route to starting a career in cyber security. Maybe you can take a college course while supplementing it with online training classes.

Someone who’s already working in IT or data security can definitely take alternate programs to boost their credibility. Those looking to get into online cyber security training courses can find out more here.

Understanding How to Start Cyber Security Career

Getting your cyber security career started has a lot to do with choosing your specification and understanding your career trajectory. Use this guide to help you understand the right steps to excelling in the field of cyber security. 

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