Want to Stay On Your Boss’s Good Side? Avoid These 6 In The Workplace Mistakes

At one point or another, people have had a boss that they can’t get along with.For that same reason oh, you want to make sure that you always stay on your boss’s good side, after all it is up to them the Lettermen if you get to keep your job or if you are worthy of a promotion. There are a couple of common workplace mistakes that people often commit,  and if you always want to be on your boss’s good side you want to make sure that you don’t make these ever again.

1. Doubble Check Your Work

Handing something in, doesn’t just mean getting things done and completed, it also means double checking your work to make sure that what you have done is correct and error free. One common mistake that people do is not checking over their work and then having their boss nag them about not doing things right on the first try. Avoid  this mistake by being more cautious with your work. 

2. Be efficient

Being efficient means using your time wisely and making the most of it. Don’t let your boss catch you slacking or being lazy  in moments where you have to be working and being efficient. Always be productive with the time that you have inside the office, and even when you have finished your daily tasks, go out of the way to be even more efficient and get ahead of your day.

3. Apologize and Don’t Hide Your Mistakes

Not taking responsibility for your mistakes can be something that makes your boss very mad. be responsible for your work and don’t hide any errors that you might have done. On the contrary, recognizing when something has been your mistake and apologizing for it might make you look like an honest person in your boss’s eyes.

4. Be On Time

In order to be on your boss’s good side, always be on everything that you do. Handing in your work, being early to the office, being even a few minutes before your meetings, absolutely be on time in everything that you do. If you are always late, not only does this say that you don’t care enough about your work, but that you aren’t responsible enough. 

5. Be organized and pay attention to detail

Paying attention to detail is extremely important in order to be on your boss’s good side, as missing out something might make them think that you don’t appreciate your job enough to pay absolute attention to everything. Always be organized in your work, and in your times, try your best to not miss out on anything, in order for your boss to always think great of you. 

6. Ask what is expected

Is always better to ask beforehand what is expected from you at the job, or even at doing a simple task in order to follow these guidelines from the beginning and avoid any mistakes. Follow through with what people expect from you and then exceed their expectations. 

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