A Story of A New Marketing Platform Called Simple Ad & PR Shared by the Founder Svetlana Mityakova

We can clearly see that new marketing companies and agencies appear nearly every day. Most of them can offer basic services, so they all look the same and barely stand the rough competition. The international marketing market continues to develop dynamically, so we need new types of marketing companies. One of the best representatives is Simple Ad & PR.

Right now, the team is busy testing the essential marketing services before finally entering the worldwide market. Svetlana Mityakova is the founder of the company, who is happy to share her story with the audience. The project offers a lot of benefits for big companies and startups. We are going to see more details further.

Svetlana started her career in the marketing industry quite a long time ago. She is proud to have 13+ years of implementing successful marketing campaigns on social media platforms. 

Svetlana is confident that in order to survive in a highly competitive business world, your ad agency and each member of your team must have the needed competencies and deep knowledge about marketing and business in general. A successful marketer knows how to communicate with clients and partners accordingly in order to establish professional relationships. The founder of Simple AD focuses on providing marketing services of the highest level to satisfy the needs of former and potential clients. Setting ambitious goals is essential to challenge yourself and strive for perfection. 

Simple Ad & PR: an Innovative Ad Company in California

Simple AD & PR is an innovative marketing, which aims to help clients solve challenges in digital media and social media platforms. The agency is based in California and offers exclusive tools for efficient marketing communications. You can use the offered services on the following social media platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

The Simple AD & PR company has not been even fully launched, but Svetlana has already signed a series of business contracts (their worth is 200K+ USD). You will be impressed to discover the non-stop flow of customers and business partners from the best investment funds. There is no hesitation that Simple AD & PR is a profitable startup and a reliable marketing platform to use. Svetlana found the right business niche and succeeded in attracting a lot of potential clients before starting work.

How Does Simple AD & PR Stand the Competition?

In order to stand a rough business competition in the marketing and public relations niche, the company must understand all the needs of clients. It is a good idea to compare your own services with your top competitors. If you notice that some essential services or products are missing in your catalog, you have to react fast. You should stop on this point and try to offer additional unique services that your competitors do not have. Detailed planning is the key to implementing an efficient marketing campaign.

It is not enough for Simple AD & PR to create marketing services and launch social media campaigns. The company does its best to satisfy the specific needs of its clients. The team works hard to offer exclusive ad campaigns, which result in brand recognition, increased sales, new followers, and delivered messages to the right audience.

Another thing Simple AD & PR can be very proud of is its devoted team, which includes highly professional specialists. Svetlana feels proud to work with the best experts in the marketing niche. The process of recruitment was intense and only the best representatives were hired. Simple AD & PR holds training sessions for all the employees. It is essential for operating work on the highest level using the most advanced marketing tools and techniques.

Svetlana states that this innovative marketing service has been already tested on their clients to be sure that the complete launch is 100% successful. The first positive results are obvious. There is a client of Simple AD & PR who works in healthcare and who has increased the company’s profit by 20%, all thanks to the influx of clients. The client was sincerely amazed because other costly ad campaigns could never guarantee such splendid results.

According to Svetlana, every new client can expect the generation of positive NPV and profit increase within the 1st year of cooperation. You can expect an approximately 198.10% increase in IRR within the next five years.

Simple AD & PR includes the following benefits:

  • automation process of all company’s services;
  • easy usage;
  • a wide set of services: proofreading, selecting images, and financial reporting;
  • transparent financial guarantees.

The Most Interesting Marketing Trends of 2023

Svetlana has many years of experience in the marketing sphere, and thanks to this she succeeded in identifying innovative marketing trends. Such trends are included in the toolkit of the Simple Ad & PR service.

The most interesting marketing trends in 2023 are the following:

  • Word-of-mouth

This concept is considered to be one of the best strategies in marketing. Modern people can access all kinds of information, but despite this, many of them prefer buying services/products from brands recommended by their relatives, friends, celebrities, or influencers. 

  • Video content and online streaming

The world of social media marketing has changed dramatically since TikTok. Many SMM experts claim that online streaming and relevant video content are able to attract more followers and keep their attention for a longer period of time. It was the final push for the Reels/Shorts services to appear on Instagram and YouTube.

  • Content created by other users

If you still have trust in word-of-mouth, this trendy marketing trend will surely interest you. It is a modern version, which gives excellent results. The goal is to encourage users/followers to create their own content using the services/products. According to statistics, your company will win a lot by implementing this marketing trend. You should consider the following activities: unpacking videos, reviews, e-tutorials, hashtags, etc. It will add much credibility to the audience without investing anything.

  • Artificial intelligence to automatize working processes

Such well-known companies as Starbucks and Netflix have had successful experiences using artificial intelligence. They implement machine learning to make clients’ experiences better.

  • Voice search for SEO

Voice search is an excellent tool as it helps you answer common clients’ queries. Thanks to advanced technologies, you can handle even personalized search queries with fast speed.

  • Innovative targeting solutions

More and more people are concerned about their privacy online. That is why such companies as Google decided to get rid of third-party cookies to the maximum. Every company should be interested in finding alternative targeting solutions. It is the only way to develop well-personalized ads.

Further Plans and Perspectives of the Company

Right now, the team of Simple Ad & PR is busy with many challenges, daily tasks, and ambitious plans. First of all, they plan to launch the software. The second objective is to make the team grow and hire new experts. Svetlana plans to launch online streaming and video content within the next year. 

Simple AD & PR plans to develop a separate section for bloggers and business partners, where they can post their own content on the platform. The top priority is to work on improving the quality of marketing and promotional services, providing advice to their clients, and investing in the employees’ growth and professional development.

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