Top 6 Tips for Effective Self-Promotion During an Interview

Whenever you are preparing for an interview, you want to make sure that aside from just giving out your resume and being evaluated,  you also  take this opportunity to promote yourself. This means that during an interview you want to talk highly of yourself,  so that others have a higher perception of who you are,  which might be detrimental for you to get the job.  Interviews are definitely a different environment from the rest of other social scenarios, someone in the room is there to judge you and assess you to see if you are a qualified candidate for the job. For that reason  you want to be as compelling as you can be, since you know that during the interview more than one candidate is being evaluated, but in another note you also want to stand out and self-promote yourself so that people remember you for your accomplishments and your success. 

Here are a couple of tips and pointers you should really pay attention to, in order to promote yourself during an interview.

1.Talk About Accomplishments

Talking about your accomplishments is crucial, people want to know about your experience and your portfolio. Make sure that you are humble and not just bragging about what you did,  you don’t want to sound annoying and over experienced. Talk about the things that you’re proud of, and your highest accomplishments so far.

2. Mention your skills

Mentioning your skills are a great way to also talk highly of yourself. Mention if you have great leader qualities, if you are a team player, if you have an easy time dealing with technology, or maybe if you are proficient at a certain language. Always speak highly of yourself and don’t overlook your skills, they are very important for you to mention. 

3. Don’t try to be someone you are not

Interviewers have a lot of experience meeting people and finding out who they really are, and if you are trying to be someone that you’re not they are going to see right through you. Be authentic and admit when something is in your best quality, but always be very positive  and with a great attitude about everything that you do.

4. Be friendly

During an interview, don’t be just a frigid robot, be friendly and be human. Your interviewer has probably already seen a lot of people talk highly of themselves, and sometimes they want to see if people are social  and friendly.

5. Be enthusiastic about yourself

In order to self promote yourself, be enthusiastic and genuine regarding what you do. People like to hear when other people get excited about what they’re doing, and about their accomplishments.

6. Don’t take over the conversation

Remember to don’t take over the conversation, listen and pay attention to what the other person across the room has to say. Watch carefully and listen closely,  hear what other people are saying and answer the questions in the best way that you can.In a certain way, you are the center of the conversation, but that doesn’t mean that you have to take over it. 

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