What To Say When Negotiating Salary Raises

Negotiating for a salary raise can be nerve-racking,  after all, you have to ask your superior to increase your earnings by giving them good enough reasons. Because of this, you need to have the right things to say in order for the conversation to flow and end up in the way that you desire. Whatever you say during this negotiating process is key, you don’t want people to disregard your request by not having the right words to express yourself during this time. You want to keep the conversation professional at all times, you want to be taken seriously after all.

Knowing what to say is very important and therefore look for ways on how you can prepare yourself beforehand, in order to have an idea of what you’re going to be asking for and how. Don’t be spontaneous regarding these types of situations, you want to know exactly what you want to get out of this negotiation, and you want to be prepared for what could happen. 

If you still haven’t got a clue on what you should be saying, then check out this list to have a better idea on how the negotiation should go.

1.“Is that number flexible at all?”

The first offer might not always be the most appealing, for that reason try to negotiate the number by asking if the number is flexible at all, don’t settle for the first option and let others know that you are aware that there could be something better. Asking them if the number is flexible give them an idea that you are looking for something

2. “I would be more comfortable if…”

Talk about your needs as they are important as well. For example tell them that you would be more comfortable with a certain quantity and explain why. Don’t just  ask for a bigger amount without telling them why you think this is right for you.

3. “I researched that…

Research is key, let them know that you  are aware about the market has to offer and what the value for people that are doing your job is worth. Let them know that you deserve more and also explain to them why. Showing them research is also a great way to use back in your benefit, so if you can  do some research on what people in your area are making in order to make a point. 

4. “What I can bring to the company…”

Talk about your value, this is a great way for you to negotiate a salary. Talk about what you do and what you can do, essentially make yourself needed in the company. Talk about things that no one else can do aside from you, you want people to think of you as indispensable whenever they are offering you a raise.

5.I have been with this company for…”

Talk about experience, it helps greatly if you have been with a company for a while. Make yourself appreciated and let them know that you’ve been with them for a long time. Talking about fidelity and loyalty is a great way to start a salary negotiation.

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