6 Workplace Etiquette Tips Every Professional Should Know

Having a clear understanding of the workplace etiquette rules is key in order to stand out, and to show yourself as a professional when it comes to the business world. Workplace etiquette is about the way that you behave on the way you compose yourself in an office or in a business situation. You always want to be very professional about these types of scenarios as this has a lot to say about who you are as a professional and it also talks greatly about your reputation. For that reason there are a couple major tips regarding workplace etiquette that every professional should know. These are very basic and they should not be disregarded. Check them out and see if you are already following all of these tips.

1. Always introduce yourself to people

Be polite and respectful. Always look into making a good first impression. If you are sitting down, always stand up to greet someone, it shows how respectful you are of others.

2. Dress appropriately

This can’t be stressed enough. Dress to impress, as you don’t want people to have a negative image of who you are based entirely on your looks. Don’t dress in a lazy manner, and don’t overdress, but always maintain a professional etiquette in your outfits. Also, don’t dress provocatively, you want people to treat you with respect and take you seriously, for that reason think twice about what you are wearing and be professional.

3. Put your phone away

This applies for every meeting, social event, gathering, or a simple daily meeting. Be respectful of the time that others are giving you, and show them your utter interest. Social media can definitely wait, and your messages as well. Give work a priority in the moment you are in it, be professional and don’t look disrespectful by being on your phone. Even if you get a call, if it’s not of utter importance, don’t take it, show others that you are present and you have your sole focus on them.

4. Manners – say please and thank you!

Be respectful to others, this means appreciating what they do for you. You don’t want to be known as the person who is ungrateful for others actions, the one that never says thank you. On the contrary, having polite manners only talks highly of you, and people are more likely to cooperate with you if they know that you are professional and polite.

5. Use a professional email address

You simply can’t keep your email from highschool.Make sure you have a decent email account, where people in business can reach out to you. This is something that you need to fix before even applying for a job, after all you don’t want people to reach out to you via an email that has  a funny name like prerttygirl@… or that is simply not appropriate for work.

6. Be professional in your emails

This is not only regarding your email address, this is the way you should write emails. You should always be professional and greet everybody with respect. Don’t lose your professionalism in an email, even in text you should always be a pro.

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