4 Tips to Grow Professionally While Working from Home

With the entire pandemic event occurring, people have definitely adapted to a new lifestyle, one that involves interacting with the world via a computer. This means that lots of people had to re-shape their current living situations and put themselves in lockdown, while the whole pandemic situacion was happening. For some people this meant working from home.

This has definitely taken a turn on people as everyone has professional goals and accomplishments that they want to achieve, and somehow working from home, form a computer has led people to think that achieving professional goals is harder through this method. But this isn’t something people should be discouraged about, on the contrary, people should be using this working-from-home method to start over completely and demonstrate to their bosses that they have not only earned their place in their companies, but also that they can continue to grow professionally.

Here are a couple of tips on how you can start growing professionally while working from home:

1. Seize Opportunities and Take them

Whenever you see the opportunity to do something else, something different than what you are accustomed to, do it. Volunteer to do something outside the box and prove your potential in other áreas of the workplace. Seizing opportunities is about realizing when you have a possibility for improvement and to demonstrate to others what you are capable of.

2. Invest in learning

Take the opportunity that you are working from home and continue learning. Don’t stop where you are now and always keep yourself active and relevant. Not investing time in educating yourself further, only means you are giving space for other people to grow inside the company. Make a change and continue educating yourself to never fall behind others.

3. Make yourself visible

Having conference calls and skype meetings might make you feel like you aren’t relevant anymore. And often some people will start taking different positions in the workplace which will make you feel like you don’t have a space there anymore. On the contrary, use this time online to make yourself visible and to advocate for yourself. Don’t let a meeting pass by without giving your opinion, or always talk to your boss about your work and your improvements, keep yourself in the head of the game and don’t let people forget about you.

4. Don’t be scared in asking for more responsibilities

Manage your time correctly and see how much you are capable of taking on. Tell your boss that you are willing to take more work, because you are capable and you can. Make yourself available and show others that you are responsible and a hard worker in order to demonstrate that you are ready to grow professionally. 

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